Summer BGA Ideas and Job Postings:

  • Reward for Missing Persons:
    Son seeking word about wellbeing of parents, Greer and Malcolm Sterner. Moved to Pelham logging and fishing camp on south of Kraken for Summer. No word from camp since June. Reward for information.
  • Longcester Labor Union Seeks Agents:
    Hard working people of the Kraken- you are not alone. Join the Longcester Labor Union- now seeking organizers, recruiters and captains from the region. Sign up in the LLU offices at Longcester.
  • Three Stars Outpost Requests Traders:
    Three Stars seeks merchants- our settlement is undersupplied. Warehousing and security arrangements available. We are seeking ongoing trade relationships.
  • Employment:
    PROTECT THE KRAKEN: Join the Continental Guard and protect Peninsula from highwaymen, wild beasts and disorder. Decent pay, fine company, local prestige. Must supply own weapon and uniform.
  • Join us in restoring order! Lirian and ULA forces seek tradespeople and laborers for camp support. Fair pay, provisions and lodgings. Aniyonema welcome. Recommendations for citizenship offered for satisfactory military assistance.
  • Roses of the Sea seek assistance in civilian construction projects. Ample pay, safety while in Rose territory guaranteed. Orlund Council citizens welcome.
  • Roses of the Sea fleet seeks able bodied men and women, esp. veterans for military projects. Combat not expected. Ample pay.
  • Stone Industries seeks rail workers and security for final stages of Rail construction on Kraken peninsula.