In Game News!

In an emergency session of the Orlund Council following the sudden death of Lady Smythe of Prosperity the lands belonging to the Smythe estate have been declared subject to a form of eminent domain in the public interest. Stone Industries has begun working quickly to complete their railroad and as of the time of this article is mere days from completing a rail line to the edge of the Eye lake near the town of Prosperity.

In the same session a slight majority of representatives from Liria, the Loreanic Nations, the ULA, Jhandihari and the Kildaire Kingdom announced intentions to deploy substantial ground forces to the Kraken peninsula, with or without direct council support to retake the Bait Islands. Counterarguments were heard from Xingsol, New World Trading Company and dissenting representatives of the above listed nations, as well as a handful of refugees who insisted that the civilians on the Bait Islands were in no danger. Political arguments primarily focused on restoring peace and trade well as access to food and supplies from the Bait Islands, and proposed a long term attempt to bring the Rose Nation into the Orlund Council. The council reached a stalemate of sorts, offering no official intervention to prevent or support the actions of the nations seeking to reclaim the Bait Islands and surrounding capes.