Important Info

New Players


Registration No hard deadline, but staff prefers registration and history at least two weeks before an event, so we may provide you the best experience. 

Character Approvals

Please send histories to

New Character Histories are due by September 9th for the first Fall Event.


Existing Players


Fall 1 Registration Deadline: September 1st (To make it in before our personal plot meeting.)

Between Game Actions

  • BGA Deadline for Fall 1 will be August 26th. This will be a standard cycle. 
    • You recieve one BGA Block for Attending the previous event. One for writing a report card. An additional block can be purchased with xp.
    • Each block may be used to:
      • Perform BGS actions with a single profession.
      • Do a single Free Form Between Game Action. Often this is a travel BGA, or an inquiry, odd job, or adventure!

The BGS form is HERE

Experience/Build Expenditures/Rebuilds

Please submit xp updates, builds updates, and rebuilds to:

Due Date for the Fall 1 Event: September 1st

Report Cards

Newspaper Submissions

You can get xp for writing articles! Please submit newspaper articles to

Due date for Fall 1: September 1st 2016

Staff Exchange

We have a staff/xp exchange with the following LARPs: