Game on! (In a few hours!)

Hello Steamfolk and Cinder-in!

Our final game of the year is just hours away, so I am sending you all this newsletter with important info for tonight, and a recap of facebook announcements from the past week you might have missed with all the other chatter.

Check in will be available at 8:00 pm in the Queens arms.

You will want to be in costume by 9:45 at the latest. We are encouraging people to arrive on time. We have a very full event, and we have to start on time.

Game on Meeting will begin at 10:00pm in the Queens arms.

Game on will be 10:30 PM.

This is not an approximation. Even if 2/3rds of people are not there yet, prepare to come into game in character.

If you are coming in later than 10:30, you will want to unload quietly, get into costume, and grab your things from the bin in the kitchen. There will be a clipboard to sign in.

Please try to arrive on time, and if you cannot, please be sure you have emailed to let us know your approximate arrival time.

That said, we already know the schedules of those of you who answered Brits facebook message.

As for the rest!

We are offering ridiculously good eeps for getting to site early and helping shuttle bins to staff center with your cars. An added incentive, after you are done shuttling, you may pull from a bag of random components and loot.

• Please check out the cabin arrangements thread on facebook. We have shuffled some cabins around.

• BGS has been shared to everyone. Please continue to email us if things look wrong, or you don’t have them, this expedites check in for everyone.

• We’re bringing back volunteer crunchy shifts. With sweet bonuses. Come back to game having just gone foraging, working some odd job, etc, to come back with components, money, or just xp.

That’s it for today, see you in a few hours!