Admiral’s Incident Report on the Cataclysm

Incident Report, January 8, 2802.

As you are no doubt aware a series of major seismic and volcanic events took place throughout Talus, primarily in the Xingsol valley, across the Eastern Coast and around the Dolvan islands.

The following is a digest of major events as observed and reported from airships, our intelligence network, and aerial scouts. Many of these vessels and individuals who comprise our information infrastructure are unaccounted for, so our information is incomplete in some places. We assume the worst and may never have eyewitness accounts of certain events.

Dolvan Archipelago: Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes.

The first incident noted was discovered by my fleet. As you will hear, it is fortunate that the size of our shipments to and from the archipelago were so large, although I fear that the cargo is forfeit. I hope that the merchant’s council will see that I have made the most responsible decision.

Before first light on the morning of January the 2nd a series of small tremors were felt and a strange light was seen in the sky, reported by the watchers on several of our ships. Airborne reconnaissance confirmed that the source was terrestrial, and that at least two of the volcanoes that form the Dolvan archipelago’s had begun to show signs of eruption.

Exercising caution, I deployed men from all ships, which had made anchor in the Dolvan ports. I began sending offers of assistance to our trading partners in dealing with the damage, while the remaining crew made ready to take to the air if needed. As the sun rose, the seas had become restless. Fortunately our airships are also quite seaworthy so damage was minimal as the first large waves hit. At this point at least 6 peaks were erupting around the archipelago the men we had sent to deal with our partners had returned with a large number of Dolvan citizens, primarily nobility, in their wake, wishing to evacuate or arrange passage to the mainland of Talus for them and their families. Realizing that time was of the essence we agreed to settle terms after reaching safety, and took aboard as many of our friends and allies from the Dolvan tradehouses and government agencies as we could. We jettisoned what cargo we had in order to keep payload low, and took to the skies, evacuating the crew of two mid-sized air barges that were unable to lift off quickly.

By the end of the day the earthquakes, tidal waves and volcanic eruptions had begun to fill the Dolvan islands with water and fire. We made haste to the mainland to deposit our Dolvan passengers at the nearest safe port, unfortunately far inland at Immortal Port. Fellahiros, it seems, is overrun by so called ‘loyalist’ forces under the guidance of a man claiming to be a resurrected pharaoh. By the time we had returned our scouts reported that the Dolvan islands were gone.

Of note however, apparently a number of nearby Na’ren ships, who typically lie in wait nearer the mainland and in uninhabited islands, were seen intercepting and apparently rescuing or capturing those Dolvanni who took to boats, or sought out the sea for safety. I only hope that these pirates’ recent overtures of nationalism and a desire to become a true nation keeps their greed and opportunism at bay.

Our reports also indicate that the mainland was badly battered by the waves that overtook the archipelago. It seems that Tasso and Kohec are largely underwater, and tidal waves even reached as far inland as the Khentar desert, apparently visible from Fellahiros. Scouts report that the tidal waves have impacted the fighting, though to whose advantage we do not yet know.

            Xingsol: Volcanic Ash Clouds, slow lava floes

Airships in the vicinity of the Xingsol valley report evacuations on the evening of January 3rd as a series of small earthquakes wracked the valley. The mountains ringing the valley, volcanoes like those of the Dolvan Archipelago, spewed clouds of black ash into the air, making navigation impossible. From a safe distance scouts report slow moving lava flows cascading from the edges of the Xingsol valley and blocking off major exit points, both the Phoenix and the Dragon passes. The ash cloud is still in the air and spreading at the time of this writing, and appears to be depositing soot and fiery embers across the valley. The emperor’s city has been seen burning, and with no possible means of escape it is difficult to imagine that Xingsol empire will continue on after the dust has settled. The ash has also buried 5 Stars outpost and driven many of the elder tribes of the Aniyonema East. As you will read below, this has led to a very unfortunate coincidence.


            Loreanic and Monarch’s Sea: Tidal Waves, sea level shifts

The Monarch’s sea and the Western coast of Talus have, shall we say, the least bad news to report. Large waves from further out in the Loreanic bound for the inner coast of the Monarch were somewhat dispersed by the Isles of Dawn, which are- or were- populated only sparsely by the Balihu and, of course, the Na’ren. Though there is little hope that this will have put an end to their long, unpleasant history.

The smaller tidal waves which struck the inner coast had little impact on the Jhandihari desert, though the coast may have been pushed a few miles here or there, and only did serious damage to Liria where factories and warehouses were directly against the coast. Katharo seems to be in the roughest shape of all, though casualties are low and most damage seems to be to buildings, so we hear.

The Kildaire’s coastal lowlands, already bogs below sea levels, have flooded and will likely remain flooded. A large tremor, probably an aftershock of those in the East, has caused mudslides and erosion of their eastern peaks, filling the lowlands with rubble and mud and turning the seaward part of the Kildaire land into a swamp. Fortunately the flood seems slow and many in the lowlands have been packing and heading for high ground. The land will probably be settling for some time.

This same set of aftershocks has done some damage to larger, older buildings in Liria, but specifics are still being reported, as we have no airships within sight of the landside of Port Katharo or Lira City.

            Eastern Coast: Tidal Waves

Since January 5th  more than two dozen massive tidal waves have struck the low lying Eastern Coast of Talus at various points, flooding into the great grasslands of the Aniyonema and sweeping numerous people out to sea. Many rescue teams who went in search of survivors have also been lost. The tidal waves have pushed hundreds of miles inland, but in some places have been stopped by the Xingsol mountain range. We will see how far back the sea retreats, but the Aniyonema homeland may be underwater for the foreseeable, and we should prepare for refugees.

In summary, and in brief:

The Dolvan nation appears to be wiped out, probably for good, though we have a few thousand nobles aboard our ships and will bring them to safe harbor in the Union. The Na’ren may have recovered others.

Xingsol is likely gone forever, there seems to be nothing we could have done to help. Their natural defenses transformed their valley into a death trap.

The mainland is flooded in many places, much of the Aniyonema land, about half of the Khenti desert and both the Kohec and Tasso peninsulas are, for the most part, underwater.

The Isles of Dawn have been swept away by tidal waves, the Lirians and Ogwe owe a special prayer of thanks to their gods for their geography. Although they have suffered significant damage they are largely untouched, and will no doubt recover.

Our valley’s natural borders held off the worst, and most of this destruction occurred North of the spine.

While I am also pleased to hear that the Union is essentially untouched, I fear that the basic way of life we have enjoyed in Talus shall be forever changed and that we cannot truly recover, only adapt.

With great regrets,

Admiral Dominic De Sorel