Game on! (In a few hours!)

Hello Steamfolk and Cinder-in!

Our final game of the year is just hours away, so I am sending you all this newsletter with important info for tonight, and a recap of facebook announcements from the past week you might have missed with all the other chatter.

Check in will be available at 8:00 pm in the Queens arms.

You will want to be in costume by 9:45 at the latest. We are encouraging people to arrive on time. We have a very full event, and we have to start on time.

Game on Meeting will begin at 10:00pm in the Queens arms.

Game on will be 10:30 PM.

This is not an approximation. Even if 2/3rds of people are not there yet, prepare to come into game in character.

If you are coming in later than 10:30, you will want to unload quietly, get into costume, and grab your things from the bin in the kitchen. There will be a clipboard to sign in.

Please try to arrive on time, and if you cannot, please be sure you have emailed to let us know your approximate arrival time.

That said, we already know the schedules of those of you who answered Brits facebook message.

As for the rest!

We are offering ridiculously good eeps for getting to site early and helping shuttle bins to staff center with your cars. An added incentive, after you are done shuttling, you may pull from a bag of random components and loot.

• Please check out the cabin arrangements thread on facebook. We have shuffled some cabins around.

• BGS has been shared to everyone. Please continue to email us if things look wrong, or you don’t have them, this expedites check in for everyone.

• We’re bringing back volunteer crunchy shifts. With sweet bonuses. Come back to game having just gone foraging, working some odd job, etc, to come back with components, money, or just xp.

That’s it for today, see you in a few hours!


Bulletin of Confusion – October 2016

Hello Everyone! Please read the following, our very first bulletin of confusion!

– Our Official Stance on Charging.
Charging is:
Running directly at someone and swinging before slowing to a walk.
Running towards someone such that they must move or you will collide with them.
Closing directly towards an opponent to within less than an arm’s length in combat.

These definitions of charging are not allowed.

-The Loreanic Fleet that was destroyed by the Roses was the 23rd, not the 13th. We heard some folks telling new players it was the 13th. It was definitely the 23rd.

-Once again, the lake at the campsite is a lake. Not an ocean. Please refer to the map of the Kraken to see where the ocean is in relation to Prosperity.

-The Newspaper is not accepting submissions this coming event. If you have announcements you want to make, you should print them out and put them on the town board in the queens arms.

-We are moving towards using this page, and the website for announcements. We will also be revamping the forums after this season is over. The general facebook page and slack are for indiscriminate noise. We have found that information is getting lost when we try to announce important things on the general facebook page.

Rules Page

In the coming days you will see changes to our rules page of the website, and changes to the rulebook in general.

What was previously our rulebook plus appendix, will now be our Rules Set, and World Primer Documents, with accompanying short appendixes such as weapon construction and feats list.

We are striving to make the rules easier to dive into, moving most of our world exposition to the Primer document, which is being updated to include current events. We also are running under the assumption that most of you know how to get or make weapons at this point, and don’t need the guide in the already very lengthy ruleset document.

We hope you are enjoying your summer, we certainly are very excited about the work we have been doing!


Summer BGA Ideas and Job Postings:

  • Reward for Missing Persons:
    Son seeking word about wellbeing of parents, Greer and Malcolm Sterner. Moved to Pelham logging and fishing camp on south of Kraken for Summer. No word from camp since June. Reward for information.
  • Longcester Labor Union Seeks Agents:
    Hard working people of the Kraken- you are not alone. Join the Longcester Labor Union- now seeking organizers, recruiters and captains from the region. Sign up in the LLU offices at Longcester.
  • Three Stars Outpost Requests Traders:
    Three Stars seeks merchants- our settlement is undersupplied. Warehousing and security arrangements available. We are seeking ongoing trade relationships.
  • Employment:
    PROTECT THE KRAKEN: Join the Continental Guard and protect Peninsula from highwaymen, wild beasts and disorder. Decent pay, fine company, local prestige. Must supply own weapon and uniform.
  • Join us in restoring order! Lirian and ULA forces seek tradespeople and laborers for camp support. Fair pay, provisions and lodgings. Aniyonema welcome. Recommendations for citizenship offered for satisfactory military assistance.
  • Roses of the Sea seek assistance in civilian construction projects. Ample pay, safety while in Rose territory guaranteed. Orlund Council citizens welcome.
  • Roses of the Sea fleet seeks able bodied men and women, esp. veterans for military projects. Combat not expected. Ample pay.
  • Stone Industries seeks rail workers and security for final stages of Rail construction on Kraken peninsula.

Player Email Mailing List!

Hi all, if you’ve not already seen this, please fill it out.

Its purpose is twofold, one: we ensure our contact lists for you are accurate, two: we can put together a bulk mailing list with reminders of deadlines and event dates. (There is an option for opting out of this mailing list.)


In Game News!

In an emergency session of the Orlund Council following the sudden death of Lady Smythe of Prosperity the lands belonging to the Smythe estate have been declared subject to a form of eminent domain in the public interest. Stone Industries has begun working quickly to complete their railroad and as of the time of this article is mere days from completing a rail line to the edge of the Eye lake near the town of Prosperity.

In the same session a slight majority of representatives from Liria, the Loreanic Nations, the ULA, Jhandihari and the Kildaire Kingdom announced intentions to deploy substantial ground forces to the Kraken peninsula, with or without direct council support to retake the Bait Islands. Counterarguments were heard from Xingsol, New World Trading Company and dissenting representatives of the above listed nations, as well as a handful of refugees who insisted that the civilians on the Bait Islands were in no danger. Political arguments primarily focused on restoring peace and trade well as access to food and supplies from the Bait Islands, and proposed a long term attempt to bring the Rose Nation into the Orlund Council. The council reached a stalemate of sorts, offering no official intervention to prevent or support the actions of the nations seeking to reclaim the Bait Islands and surrounding capes.

2016 Rules Update

Behold, the update for the 2016 S&C rules. This is the largest rules update we are ever likely to do. Some things up front:
•Yes, you can have a reroll. The first page explains it.
•No, we haven’t agonized over formatting. We’ll get to it. If you want to help us update the ACTUAL rulebook feel free to email. Don’t mark this document up, your effort will be wasted.
•You have questions. Feel free to post them here, but we’ll mostly be looking at the forums for in depth discussions of why we changed what we changed.
•Professions will shortly be getting an update. For the most part they will be mechanically the same as they were before, but with some tweaks to mirror the new rules change.
•We WILL be auditing tags and updating those that need updating. Hooray for shiny new tags!

2016 Rules Update