Bulletin of Confusion – October 2016

Hello Everyone! Please read the following, our very first bulletin of confusion!

– Our Official Stance on Charging.
Charging is:
Running directly at someone and swinging before slowing to a walk.
Running towards someone such that they must move or you will collide with them.
Closing directly towards an opponent to within less than an arm’s length in combat.

These definitions of charging are not allowed.

-The Loreanic Fleet that was destroyed by the Roses was the 23rd, not the 13th. We heard some folks telling new players it was the 13th. It was definitely the 23rd.

-Once again, the lake at the campsite is a lake. Not an ocean. Please refer to the map of the Kraken to see where the ocean is in relation to Prosperity.

-The Newspaper is not accepting submissions this coming event. If you have announcements you want to make, you should print them out and put them on the town board in the queens arms.

-We are moving towards using this page, and the website for announcements. We will also be revamping the forums after this season is over. The general facebook page and slack are for indiscriminate noise. We have found that information is getting lost when we try to announce important things on the general facebook page.