Game on! (In a few hours!)

Hello Steamfolk and Cinder-in! Our final game of the year is just hours away, so I am sending you all this newsletter with important info for tonight, and a recap of facebook announcements from the past week you might have missed with all the other chatter. Check in will be available at 8:00 pm in […]

Bulletin of Confusion – October 2016

Hello Everyone! Please read the following, our very first bulletin of confusion! – Our Official Stance on Charging. Charging is: Running directly at someone and swinging before slowing to a walk. Running towards someone such that they must move or you will collide with them. Closing directly towards an opponent to within less than an […]

Rules Page

In the coming days you will see changes to our rules page of the website, and changes to the rulebook in general. What was previously our rulebook plus appendix, will now be our Rules Set, and World Primer Documents, with accompanying short appendixes such as weapon construction and feats list. We are striving to make […]

Summer BGA Ideas and Job Postings:

Reward for Missing Persons: Son seeking word about wellbeing of parents, Greer and Malcolm Sterner. Moved to Pelham logging and fishing camp on south of Kraken for Summer. No word from camp since June. Reward for information. Longcester Labor Union Seeks Agents: Hard working people of the Kraken- you are not alone. Join the Longcester […]

Player Email Mailing List!

Hi all, if you’ve not already seen this, please fill it out. Its purpose is twofold, one: we ensure our contact lists for you are accurate, two: we can put together a bulk mailing list with reminders of deadlines and event dates. (There is an option for opting out of this mailing list.) Thanks!

In Game News!

ORLUND COUNCIL SPLIT OVER ROSE CONFLICT FORCES DEPLOYED LACKING FORMAL SUPPORT In an emergency session of the Orlund Council following the sudden death of Lady Smythe of Prosperity the lands belonging to the Smythe estate have been declared subject to a form of eminent domain in the public interest. Stone Industries has begun working quickly […]

2016 Rules Update

Behold, the update for the 2016 S&C rules. This is the largest rules update we are ever likely to do. Some things up front: •Yes, you can have a reroll. The first page explains it. •No, we haven’t agonized over formatting. We’ll get to it. If you want to help us update the ACTUAL rulebook […]